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Counselling Services

Whether you are struggling with your own or a loved one's substance use, experiencing symptoms related to trauma, or are experiencing some other form of turmoil in your day to day life, I am prepared to assist you in finding constructive solutions. I have over 25 years of counselling experience to support your recovery journey.  ~ Patricia McIntyre, Registered Social Worker

~ Evening appointments are available ~

"While Patricia's years of experience have been helpful, what we also admire is her desire to maintain best practices through ongoing training and self-directed research. This learning very quickly translates to best practices and her clients always benefit."

Don Shilton,
President (2007-2018)
St. Mary's General Hospital
Kitchener, Ontario
Our Most Recent Articles
September 13, 2018
What Should We Do?

Distraught woman on phoneThe phone rings and it’s a call from an upset parent of a substance abuser. “I don’t know what to do, we have tried everything and nothing is working”. My experience in working with parents of substance abusers has been that the most common mistake is repeating the same approach with the child even though the approach is ineffective.

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